The New Way to Resumé.

The old way of filling or finding a job no longer works in today’s world. Introducing umé (pronounced oo-māy).
The new way to resumé.

As the largest segment of the workforce, millennials are changing the face of the recruiting industry

Don’t think resumes effectively convey their skills

Prefer social media to job boards

Prefer to use a mobile device for job searching

Always searching for new opportunities, even while they are happily employed

There is an unfilled void in social job searching behavior

73% of job seekers found their last job through some type of social media channel

94% of recruiters are active on LinkedIn, but only 36% of candidates are using it (primarily white collar)

84% of candidates are on FB but only 17% of them use it for job related purpose

Since small businesses do not have in-house recruiters or HR to find quality candidates, they are forced to use search tools and job boards that offer a poor user experience and often return irrelevant results. This creates a disconnect between employers and the candidates they are seeking leaving a large number of jobs unfilled.


The current way of finding and filling jobs no longer works and in today’s world, traditional job boards haven’t maintained pace with technological advances.

Say hello to umé
The new way
to resume.

umé is a revolutionary platform for finding and filling jobs, in a more personalized social media style way, resulting in higher quality candidates that get jobs filled quicker.

  • Think Facebook meets for finding and filling jobs.
  • The system is continuously searching in the background to find the perfect, two-way match.
  • Intelligent, computer-based search results that simplify and shorten the entire process of finding and filling jobs.
  • A new system, built from the ground up specifically designed to attract and engage this large audience, in a platform they are already familiar with.
  • In-depth visual insight into the job seeker’s profile to quickly assess cultural fit.
  • A social-feel, complete with a video resume and photos that engages user in a way they are familiar with.

the underlying magic

Instead of broad keyword matches like traditional job sites - our algorithm scrubs

industry verticals and candidate qualifications to come up with a precise, two-way match.

Deep machine learning that continually searches behind the scenes to come up with perfect matches.
Employers can reach out to potential matches before they even apply. Why wait on resumes to trickle in?
Simply turn it on and forget it. The system does all of the work while providing push notifications for matches.

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