Be Social, Not Stupid!

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Be Social, Not Stupid!

A few social media reminders when looking for your next job.  



Not only is social media an extension of your personality it has also become a representation of your professionalism with potential employers. According to the experts and recent studies, 9 out of 10 employers are checking your social media profiles before hiring. Not really a surprise anymore, right? But people are still not taking this into consideration while searching for that perfect job. Below are a few quick and easy reminders of what to avoid when looking to take that next step in your career.



We get it, you looked great in that cut-out one piece and that photobomb of the stranger in the background really made your eyes pop! Who doesn’t have one of those? However, it can send the wrong message to employers that you are not serious about your current job search. Keep in mind that while some photos are perhaps inside jokes, employers are not on the inside. So remove that photoshopped picture of you doing inappropriate things to your celebrity crush and replace it with a more dignified bestie selfie.



We totally understand how frustrating Carol can be, trust us, but try to take a moment to internalize or complain in person before grabbing your device. The more you speak negatively around social media reflects how others view your attitude and perspective. If it sounds like all you do is complain about friends, coworkers, or current/past employers it tells future companies that you’re a real mood kill and lack professional discretion. No one wants to hire another Carol.


No one has ever said they would rather be at work than doing something fun with friends. How do you think we came up with umé jobs in the first place? We would much rather go to the beach and let someone else do the searching for us. But make sure you’re not posting pictures when you are actually on the company’s time. Remember these pictures are time stamped forever. If you miss an important interview because of that ‘pesky cold that’s been going around,’ it’s probably not a clever idea to tweet your spontaneous beach trip an hour before.


Keep these helpful tips in mind for the future and you’ll be sure to win over the hearts of your followers and employers. Happy socializing!



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