Love In An Elevator; The History of the Elevator Pitch & How to Make It Your Own

  Ah yes… the infamous elevator pitch. Whether you find yourself in an actual elevator pitching to a potential employer or asking yourself what to say on your umé jobs video resume, your elevator pitch is the short speech that… Read More »

Rinse and Don’t Repeat

Rinse and Don’t Repeat Helpful Tips to Making a Video Resume Video resumes can be scary, we get it, but according to a survey from Vault Inc. 87% of employers would watch a video resume if it were submitted to… Read More »

Who Put the Me in Resume?

Who Put the Me in Resume? A short look back at how we got here. According to Business Insider, the first professional resume was written in 1482 by Leonardo De Vinci. Let’s see how much has changed, shall we?  … Read More »

Be Social, Not Stupid!

Be Social, Not Stupid! A few social media reminders when looking for your next job.       Not only is social media an extension of your personality it has also become a representation of your professionalism with potential employers.… Read More »

Introducing umé jobs, this is not your grandmothers job search app

The old way of finding and filling a job no longer works in today’s world. That’s why there’s umé (oo-may). The new way to resumé. If you’re a job seeker looking to find a job, umé lets you truly market… Read More »