Let’s get started Job Seekers!

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Let’s get started Job Seekers!

4 easy steps…it’s sooooo easy!



Umé is simple and easy to use and takes about 5 minutes to setup. It’s all about the connection. Companies don’t hire sheets of paper, they hire people with faces and personalities. Create a profile, post photos & video and chat with employers in a comprehensive social setting that’s easy to use.



Create your video resumé. You’re more than a list of skills, degrees and job experiences. Stand out and make a more personal connection with potential employers through our innovative Video Resumé.



Find the right match. Don’t waste your time trudging through irrelevant job postings. Our advanced algorithm pinpoints your preferences and provides a constant feed of positions that are perfect for you.



All in one place. Trying to keep up with all the emails, cover letters, resumés and more can be a lot to handle. Manage it all in one safe app that computes key analytics to help you organize your entire job search – all from the palm of your hand.


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