Why, M.C.A; 4 Must Do’s Before Your Interview

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You’ve made your umé profile, nailed the elevator pitch on your video resume and landed that interview. Now what? You can’t possibly think your work is done. Those who do not research or prepare for the interview beforehand, go ahead and return that new outfit because you can no longer afford it. And just to be super clear, the reason you cannot afford it is because you didn’t get the job. Harsh? I know, but that is how important preparing for any interview has become. It’s a cutthroat world and umé wants you to be prepared! Remember this saying, “When in doubt, do the Why M.C.A!” Yeah, it’s chalk full of cheese, but we got your attention!

Why should the company hire you? What do you bring to the table that will add to or benefit the company? You should not only be able to answer this question but give examples during your interview. Practice different questions that could be asked and how you can phrase your response to better answer these questions.

Make your research count! Do your research and know not only the company, but the person interviewing you as well. This will help personalize your responses to fit the company culture and help prevent those curve balls meant to throw you off your game. While there is no need to follow the interviewer home and find out their allergies, a quick google search will do just fine. Check out their umé profile to get a better idea of who they are and how you fit in. Review the company’s social media pages and above all, if given the opportunity of a public company, visit the operations. See the day to day as a customer and you’ll have that exclusive insight that will set you apart.

Commend yourself! Now’s the time to shine and maybe even brag a little. Think about how your skills apply to the position and company you’re applying for. What can you offer the company that will make them better? What specific situations have you been in and overcome that would help in your future position? Jot these down as reminders to add to your interview. Incorporate these into your responses and you’ll have them eating the frozen burrito you grabbed on the way, right out of your hand.

Ask questions! This might be a huge, ‘duh,’ moment for some, but a lot of job seekers are still not doing this. After all your research and better understanding of how your skills fit with the company, you should be able to come up with at least 3 questions you would like answered from the interviewer. This is a must! But if you still just can’t stand to ask someone something about themselves for once, Forbes made you a little cheat sheet:

Potential questions for the hiring manager:
– How would you describe your leadership style?
– What are the reasons you decided to work for this company?
– What do you like the most and the least about working here?

Potential questions about the job:
– Is this a newly created position or was there someone previously in it?
– If someone was in it, what did that person move on to do?
– What are the most common attributes of the employees who are the most successful in this position?

Potential questions about the department:
– How many people work in this department?
– What’s the average tenure for department employees?
– What are the top priorities you’re trying to accomplish in this department?

Potential questions about the company:
– How would you describe the company culture?
– What do you see as the company’s biggest opportunities?
– What is the biggest driver of the company’s revenue?

Following these 4 easy reminders are sure to help propel you into your next position with flying colors. Once you’ve connected with the employer, make sure to check your interview schedule on the umé jobs app to keep track of all your upcoming opportunities. With a notification of an interested employer and having all your interviews in one spot, it’s sure to help keep you organized and take one extra thing off your plate! Now go out there a crush your next interview… you got this!