New Year, New Goals; How a New Job Could Be Good for Your Health

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Did you know that in 2017, ‘to be a better person’ became the top New Year’s Resolution over losing weight, who’s topped that charts since 2014. While finding a new job is still holding strong on the list, most of the resolutions ahead of that goal can be directly affected by your job. Is Becky with the good hair from accounting taking your salad from the fridge, forcing you to haul it to the drive-thru for a double decker burger? Or maybe your manager, Michael Misers, who dresses up every year for Halloween as Austin Powers and asks you, ‘Do you get it?’ To which you respond with a fake laugh and say, ‘Good one,’ has been on your back and your stress is at an all-time high? This is probably creating more problems like not sleeping well due to stress, overeating and causing you to not be the better person you resolved to be. Millennials have been given a bad rap for being job hoppers, but couldn’t it be argued that it’s a direct reflection of what’s important in their day to day life?



Think about it… American’s spend an average of 90,000 hours at work over our lifetime. That’s almost 1/3rd of our life at work. If you’re working at a job that has lower pay, less vacation time, limited lunch breaks or work in a career that keeps you stuck at a desk, wouldn’t it stand to reason that this affects your overall health and finance? Why wouldn’t you take a job that offers more money, better hours and the chance for career advancement? Hello, you should! Plus, think about all the things you could say to Becky on your last day.



On top of that, Millennials are spending, on average, 5 hours a day on their device. So, if you’re looking for a job that is a better cultural fit, it makes sense to use an app that does the searching for you. Right? Umé is a device based job searching app that works in the background while you fill your day with your New Year’s Resolution goals. Whether you’re bulking up that family time, hitting the gym or giving back to your community, umé is working hard to find your next job.

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