Rinse and Don’t Repeat

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Rinse and Don’t Repeat

Helpful Tips to Making a Video Resume

Video resumes can be scary, we get it, but according to a survey from Vault Inc. 87% of employers would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them. It’s a perfect way for an employer to see your professionalism and personality, showcase who you are and make sure you’re a cultural fit for their team. Umé jobs innovative technology allows you to record a video resume right from your phone! How easy is that? Below are a few key steps to making sure your video resume is topnotch.

Keep it short and ride that elevator, all the way to the top!

Video resumes should be no more than 60 seconds and should basically be your elevator pitch. What is an elevator pitch? It’s a brief, persuasive speech that should be interesting, memorable and explain what it is that makes you unique. Not that your love for irony and indie bands don’t set you apart from the crowd, but we’re talking more professional goals and achievements. Think more, ‘this is how I add value to the company,’ and less ‘I require time off for ironic reflection.’

Keep it sweet and don’t repeat!

Like your little sister’s dance recital, no one wants to see that twice. Same goes for your resume! Your video resume should convince employers they want to learn more about you, not make them feel like they’re sitting through the remake of point break. Use your personality and leave them wanting more. Your video resume should lead them in the direction of your written resume, giving them the sneak peek or movie trailer version of who you are and what you’re about. They can look through your written resume for all your past accomplishments, but a successful video resume makes sure you stand out in their already overflowing stack of papers.


Pen to paper or stylus to screen, prep prep prep!

Say it with us, “don’t be a clown and write it down.” No disrespect to clowning professionals across the globe, but if you don’t prepare you’ll end up rambling or using filler words like ‘um’ and ‘ah’ or giving away too much personal information. While we understand you’re proud of that time in college you funneled a bottle of Jack Daniels without dying, it’s probably not the best idea to include that information to employers. Remember that with practice comes perfection! The more you practice the more comfortable you become on your video resume, the more confident you come across to employers, thus, adding value to you as a new hire. Plus, you can always keep those more interesting tidbits in reserve for more appropriate occasions like tucking your grandkids into bed or trying to make your ex jealous at your high school reunion.

Much like a Disney character, keep it clean!

In no world would you show up to an interview in your pj onesie and bed head, so why would you do that on your video resume? This is the first time the employer will see you, so dress the part! Strive to make a great first impression and land that dream job you’ve always wanted. And please remember this is a video which means the employer can see the background behind you! (Insert begging voice here.) If you don’t have the cleaning wildlife from Disney that does it for you, straighten up an area to record your video. Too busy to apply adult hygiene? Things like dry shampoo and a solid sheet as a background are probably going to be your new best friends. Domatophobia your bag, then get creative! Perhaps a quiet place outside is more you or an industrial downtown brick backdrop screams, ‘hire me trendy startup company that doesn’t believe in using regular chairs!’ Whatever your choice, keep it clean and void of distractions.

Adding the video resume to your umé profile does just that. It gives employers a better idea of who you are and takes them deeper than just a piece of paper. But if they need it, that trusty ol’ written resume is there too. So, use umé to sell yourself and show those employers what your working with… personality-wise of course! Download umé jobs today and start recording!

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