Who Put the Me in Resume?

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Who Put the Me in Resume?

A short look back at how we got here.

According to Business Insider, the first professional resume was written in 1482 by Leonardo De Vinci. Let’s see how much has changed, shall we?



In the 1930’s and 40’s, resumes were considered just formalities. Most of these were not put together professionally and some people even jotted them down on napkins or paper scraps. They also included personal info like weight, age and religion. Yikes! Nothing says, ‘hire me,’ like your weight on an old sandwich wrapper.




In 1950’s and 60’s, resumes are a must when applying for jobs and include the addition of special interests. Sports, country clubs and other outside interests were thrown in to show personality. Who wouldn’t want to hire someone that loves long walks on the beach while sword fighting?



In the 1970’s and 80’s, resumes started becoming more visually professional. Because of the word processor, they could now be typed. Watch out! People started recording ‘how to’ videos on VHS to teach job seekers tips on creating a resume and moving forward in their career. Visualize YouTube for the 80’s but with a much longer wait time. Background checks begin, Microsoft gets involved and fax machines make it easier than ever to submit.



One word to best describe the 90’s, Internet! World Wide Web, job searching sites and email Oh My! And you probably thought the 90’s were all pagers, plaid and pearl jam. Well actually…you’re not exactly wrong.



Early 2000’s brought us the dot com and interactive resume assistance. Companies launch all over the web to help job seekers find jobs with many of these companies catering to the employer’s experience. Job seekers refuse to believe they are a sheet of paper and start expressing themselves with video resumes and online channels. Thus, begins hour-long YouTube holes and there goes your whole Saturday!



Now, resumes are as individual as the job seekers themselves. Social media is huge, including links and profiles and google searches are the new background check. Websites have been replaced with apps and almost everything can be done from your handheld device.


So why not change with the times? We hear you, job seekers, loud and clear. You like your device, you like personalization, you like socializing, you value your culture and we value your opinion. Why not use a job searching platform that’s built especially for you?


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