World War Z, Not a Brad Pitt Story

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World War Z, Not a Brad Pitt Story

3 Ways Employers Can Adapt to the New Generations


How do you ask someone that grew up with the ability to do everything from the palm of their hands, from any location and at any time of day to conform to stationary spaces and limited time frames? The answer is you can’t! We’re sure that’s not the answer you were hoping for but Millennials and Generation Z have spent their whole lives changing and adapting to technology and, unfortunately, employers can’t seem to catch up quick enough. No fear, umé is here! Below are 3 simple ways that can work for both the company and the job seeker. Think of it like your Gen Y & Z starter kit!

Step 1: Grab your most professionally slouched beanie and cleanest pair of converse, it’s time to find an employee!

Let’s look at a few stats to start. According to CareerArc 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search, 1 in 5 applied for a job they learned about through social media and 53% of 18 – 29-year old’s have used a smartphone as part of their job search. Don’t believe us? Just look around! Next time you’re driving through an intersection or passing a crosswalk and almost hit someone completely oblivious to their surroundings, what were they doing that made them so distracted? Chances are 100% (umé confidence fact) that they were on their phone. Did they notice it was almost the end of days for them? Probably not. Were they looking for a job or stalking an ex? Results are undetermined at this time, but you get the idea. So why are employers still using the old search engines to post jobs? An entire generation is on their device, why aren’t you?

Step 2: Once you’ve landed that new hire, don’t forget to pack your avocado toast for your picnic lunch?

Great! You’ve landed your next best employee, what now? If your answer is to lock them in an office for 8 hours a day with no food or water, we’re going to guess your favorite movie is Flowers in the Attic. Laptops, Wi-Fi and mobile devices have revolutionized the way Gen Y & Z grew up and have become a direct reflection of the way they do business. The tech industry gifted society with the ability to no longer need to work in one space, hence, the world is now your office. While we liked it better when the world was more of our oyster, you can’t deny that the newer generations are working on more of a 24/7 time frame and requiring a much more flexible schedule.
With 83% of today’s students believing that three years or less is the appropriate amount to time to spend at their first job and over 27% of students that think you should stay for a year or less, do you really want to go through the hiring process all over again? Keep in mind, just because they’re also doing laundry, doesn’t mean they aren’t hitting deadlines. It just might be at 10pm in between Bob’s Burgers episodes streaming in the background instead of 9am by the only window in the office that faces the depressing parking lot.

Step 3: Much like dating online, it takes work to keep that catfish interested!

While you don’t have to adorn your office in Stranger Things quotes and have a mandatory daily drum circle in the designated ‘bean bag chair room of creativity,’ you do need to keep their professional interests peaked. According to Fast Company, 30% of Gen Z believe their education has not taught them “real life” business skills. Which means, they are looking for work environments that foster mentoring and help develop their professional skills. “A Columbia University study shows that the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with high company culture is a mere 13.9 percent, whereas the probability of job turnover in low company cultures is 48.4 percent.”

Bottom line is that times have changed and it’s fight or flight for companies looking to hire. Umé jobs is the perfect mix of social media and job searching. Combining the look and feel of the everyday social platform that Gen Y & Z are currently using and the secret algorithm to match, that helps keep employers from jumping off buildings. The video resume feature is a perfect way for you to show off your company’s culture and those overpriced nap pods that your annoying nephew bought on the company dime during his, ‘family obligated,’ internship. And remember, if that perfect employee leaves in 6 months, it’s as easy as flipping a switch to find your next employee of the month.

Download umé jobs now to get started filling your hiring needs!


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