Attract First-Rate Talent

In two years, millennials will make up the largest percentage of the workforce, yet current job sites haven’t caught up with the trend. Umé meets this valuable workforce where they already are, on an advanced social platform that attracts higher quality candidates, so you get the best for your business.

Make A More Informed Decision

You’re not hiring a piece of paper. You’re hiring a human being with the personality and talent your company needs. Our social setting allows you to chat, look at photos and videos and get a better sense of who each candidate really is before they walk in for their interview.

Promote Your Business

Studies show that millenials are less concerned with money and are more apt to work for businesses with positive work culture. Create a company profile, post photos and videos and engage with job seekers in a way that lets the face and spirit of your business shine.

More Qualified Candidates

Most job board sites charge you money for a long list of candidates whose skills miss the mark of what you’re looking for. Our advanced algorithm pinpoints your exact preferences and provides a constant feed of qualified candidates that match your criteria.

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